3 self-defence tips that CAN save your LIFE!


3 self-defence tips that CAN save your LIFE! Sound dramatic enough? I hope so because if U don't take your life seriously enough to proactively take measures to protect it, someone else would be more that willing to sacrifice your life for a few trinkets. 

My 3hrs Introduction to Self-Defence Workshop will take place on Sunday, 27 Jan 2019 from 10am-1pm in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

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Am I Having A Midlife Crisis?

Lately, I find myself questioning a lot of my past decisions and asking whether I am on the right bus on this journey call Life, or not?  

I am a man in my early forties, married to a wonderful woman and father to a beautiful 3 year old baby boy. I love my family dearly!

I’m also obsessively in love with martial arts and had been consistently training in various styles for the last 30 years or so. However, since being injured during training in 2017, my health and fitness has taken a bit of a knock and that obsession has died down slightly. In fact, my injury left me physically incapacitated for almost 4 months that resulted in even more harmful mental and emotional damage such as apathy, anger, resentment and fear of being injured again. Furthermore, it put a huge strain on my family as I was not able to assist with even basic household chores.

Now that I have recovered, I am questioning how do I go about getting back into a shape other than round? Do I continue training...

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