Warrior Unboxed Challenge - Video 2: Down 1% in Body Fat

YouTube video #2 of the #WarriorUnboxed Challenge has been released! 1% of body fat down! Whoop whoop! The challenge continues...! Learnt from last week and have reduced the video's length to just under 14 mins! Please like and share it with your family and friends!

Check it out here! 

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Warrior Unboxed Challenge - Video 1: Fat & Sedentary to Muscular & Functional

And here it is! The 1st Warrior Unboxed Challenge YouTube video! Please take a look and subscribe to my new channel! Join me bi-weekly on my journey from "Fat & Sedentary to Muscular & Functional"!  

CLICK here to view the video on YOUTUBE

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"...Get Killed, or Get Better." - Warrior


Tonight, is the release (in the USA) of the long-awaited project that I have had the privilege of being a part (a very, very, VERY small part) of - Cinemax's Warrior. This US-based period piece, filmed in Cape Town, South Africa, is a 10-part series based on the writings of the legendary Bruce Lee back in the 70's.

Unfortunately, back then the Chinese were discriminated against and unfortunately Bruce Lee never got to see this project come to life with him as the leading man. In fact, legend goes that Lee had pitched this idea to Hollywood who promptly declined it saying it would never do well with an Asian lead. The concept was later taken by Hollywood and made into a TV series called "Kung Fu" that follows the adventures of a Shaolin monk and martial-arts expert in the Old West of America. As a slap in the face to Lee, the character of Cain, the shaolin monk, was played by a very white David Carradine.

However, through the efforts of Lee's daughter, Shannon, as well as...

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Keep things in perspective...

Silly season is upon us and it's times like this, where we could be exhausted, frustrated, disillusioned and/or burnt-out from the past year. For some, it's a time to wind down, recharge and get things "off their chest". With that comes complaints, negativity and pessimism. If you're not one of these people, that's great.

But for the one who are, remember to keep it in perspective. Someone out there is still unfortunately still worse off than you. They've been beaten by life, it's challenges and even by themselves. We can try help them, but that's not the point.

The point is to keep it in perspective for your own life and situation. Make your life better by facing those challenges with even more vigor and resolve next year. Help yourself first before you can help someone else.

Self-Defence on this level is about protecting yourself from your negative thoughts that will ultimately filter down to your behavior and actions.

Be safe out there (by being safe up there in the noogin).


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Am I Having A Midlife Crisis?

Lately, I find myself questioning a lot of my past decisions and asking whether I am on the right bus on this journey call Life, or not?  

I am a man in my early forties, married to a wonderful woman and father to a beautiful 3 year old baby boy. I love my family dearly!

I’m also obsessively in love with martial arts and had been consistently training in various styles for the last 30 years or so. However, since being injured during training in 2017, my health and fitness has taken a bit of a knock and that obsession has died down slightly. In fact, my injury left me physically incapacitated for almost 4 months that resulted in even more harmful mental and emotional damage such as apathy, anger, resentment and fear of being injured again. Furthermore, it put a huge strain on my family as I was not able to assist with even basic household chores.

Now that I have recovered, I am questioning how do I go about getting back into a shape other than round? Do I continue training...

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