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There is no other time like now in which ANYONE can accomplish their goals, dreams and desires.


Technology has given us all the edge in which to connect us to more knowledge and more opportunities than ever before. More people are becoming more open to new ideas and different ways of doing things. Furthermore, people have become more vocal and bold in stating their opinions on a multitude of various platforms.


But this is also a time where there is more distractions, demotivated attitudes and debilitating negativity that prevents us from reaching those goals, dreams and desires.

Have you ever set a goal at the beginning of the year to say lose some weight?!

Have you ever set a goal at the beginning of the year to say lose some weight?

Well, how did that goal pan out for you?

For a large majority of us, this worked for the 1st week or 2 or 3, but eventually, you decide taking an extra day off to rest won’t be too much of an issue so you drop to 5 days. Perhaps then a friend calls and asks you out for a move and you decide to take another day off to attend to your social life, so it drops to 4 days.

But then as the year gets on the way and work and family commitments start to pile up, you’re down to 3, 2 and then 1 day.

Eventually, you"re down to the odd training session when time permits or worse still, when you feel like it.

That goal slowly fades away.

Or how about that dream of always becoming a published author and you set forth this elaborate plan on how to get there.

From coming up with a catchy book title, to outlining the book with so many pages which will be written over the course of a certain period.

You set the time aside but get pulled away by the distractions of daily life, surfing social media, or just binging on video streaming - you let the “busy-ness” of life get in your way.

Eventually, that book deadline comes and goes and that dream of becoming that published author still remains as a dream.

What about a life-long desire that you’ve wanted to fulfill for as long as you can remember!

Say for instance you wanted to be so successful that you will have the financial means to support everyone that you ever cared for.

Whether it be just a to be able to ensure that they live comfortably for the rest of their lives, or something more extravagant like taking them on a around the world first-class holiday – first class flights, first class hotels, first class food and entertainment!

You work hard at your job; embark on new initiatives; set up new business all in the hopes of funding this desire.
However, at the first sign of difficulties in your various activities you lose some steam and momentum.

After a while, those difficulties and challenges persist, and at times even cause you to fail.

Actually, causes you to fail MANY time. Eventually those desires start to grind away and become nothing more that hallow phrases because they appear more and more unobtainable as time goes by.


This is the story of my life so far - My Goals were not being met. My dreams where just staying as dreams. My desires were not being fulfilled. It left me lost and confused and made me question my choices in life so far. How could I get so much wrong all this time!

I had to really dig deep to be able to understand where I was going wrong with all of this.

But like Albert Einstein said, "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them".

I had to use a different mindset. Being a martial artist of over 20 years, who had successfully practiced and graded to various Dan levels in a number of different styles, as well as got to represent my country at several international martial arts tournaments, I could only look inward to my years of training in the martial arts for the answers.

And the answers were astounding.

Simply put, I discovered that my martial arts experience in the dojo/dojang was just a microcosm of my experience in the macrocosm of life!

My training in the dojo could be the training I could apply out in the outside world.

It sounds simple enough, but the real revelation came when I was able to distill my martial arts training into 2 very important principles that were applicable in the dojo.

The first was that that there are certain soft skills, characteristics or traits that I needed to master in order to reach that next Dan level. Hard, physical technique at this point is a given, so it is the soft skills that need to be cultivated.

The second was that I needed to be able to harmonize Body, Mind & Spirit; so as to ensure that my entire being was aligned to be at that next level of martial mastery.

These were the principles in the dojo, but to make them relevant to the outside world, I reversed
engineered them.

The soft skills that I needed

Only with building greater confidence was I able to clarify with greater conviction what my goals, dreams and desires were.Only with an installed disciples routine would I be able to accomplished them. And only with some failure and upsets and the ability to get back up and keep going would I forge greater resilience.




Awaken The Warrior Within You

These 2 principles together is what I have created via my online course, The Warrior Power Base Program.

Not only will it help you understand yourself better, but it will also put the theory into action via a 30-day challenge!

The challenge involves doing a physical, mental and spiritual exercise EVERYDAY for 30 days that could result in developing the soft skills required and integrating them into your daily life.

It is created in such a way that it can cater to anyone of any fitness level, for any gender, and regardless as to whether or not you do martial arts or not.

Not only will you be fitter after 30 days, but you will gain greater energy levels and a higher level of awareness of what you want and what you are capable of doing!

The course includes 9 instruction videos to help you get a better understanding and an additional 30 daily videos for daily motivation to keep you going on the challenge!

Furthermore, you will also get a 90-page PDF to help you track your daily progress as well as daily email reminders to again keep you in the path!

I believe that we all have a Warrior within us that is willing to fight for those goals, dreams and desires.

We just have to have that courage, strength and conviction to bring forth that warrior!

""The warrior lifestyle that I incorporate into my life is through acting, martial arts, dance and charitable outreach. Each of these things requires collaboration, brothers in arms.""

Megan Le

Have you ever tried to put a price to your dreams and desires? Well, you know, if your dreams are as great as mine, then it's materialization of those dreams that will be priceless.

If feel the same, then consider doing the Warrior Power Base program and challenge.

Set yourself up to create perhaps the greatest platform for your future success.

Let it be something that you can prove to yourself that you got what it takes to bring forth your warrior and fight for those goals, dreams and desires.

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