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Martial Artist, Self-Defence Instructor &
Living the Lifestyle of a Warrior
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Warren Ho is the Head Sensei (Instructor) at the Ryū Ken Chi  Dojo (龍 剣 知 道場 in Kanji, or RKC Dojo) that practices the traditional Japanese Martial Arts of Kendo (The Way of the Sword), Iaido (The Way of Drawing and Cutting with a Sword), and Jodo (The Way of the Short Staff). The RKC Dojo is based in Johannesburg, South Africa and currently has 2 dojo locations in Johannesburg - Rivonia and Observatory.


Warren Ho is the Founder of Defence Unlimited, an organisation that aims to empower everyone with knowledge and skills in self-defence.


Since it's inception in 2008, through Defence Unlimited, Warren has trained thousands of individuals in his unique methodology of self-defence through various corporate engagements, school & education-institution programs, and group & private training,

Defence Unlimited has ensure that the self-defence training it offers is effective, holistic and reality-relevant

Warren has a firm belief that something as serious as self-defence is best learnt whist having lots of fun! 

Group, private & online lessons are available! 

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Lifestyle of  warrior 

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