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Martial Artist, Self-Defence Teacher, and Living the Lifestyle of a Warrior.

"It took me some time to realise what I wanted and who I wanted to be. BUT, the reality is that I needed that time to discovery myself and plot a course of where I  wanted to go, what I wanted to do. This is my journey. 


There is no time like now to get started on your journey. Come train with me!

Warren started his martial arts career when he was 9 years old. His love for the martial artsled  him to experiment in a variety of martial arts that include AMOK!, CQC (Close Quarter Combatives), Eskrima, Hapkido, Hsing-Yi, Jeet Kun Do, Karate, KAPAP, Kendo, Krav Maga, Kung Fu, Kumdo, Kyusho, Muay Thai, Qigong, Systema, Taekwondo, Tai Chi, Tuk Kong Mul Sol and Wing Chun. 

With some of these martial arts, he achieved various levels in them through rigorous and consistent training. He currently holds the following grades in the following martial arts:


  • Kendo (5th dan)

  • ZNKR Iaido (2nd Dan)

  • ZNKR Jodo (2nd Dan)

  • Taekwondo (World Taekwondo Federation 4th Dan) 

  • Hapkido (World Hapkido Federation 2nd Dan),

  • Kyusho ( Kyusho International Level 2 Certified Pressure Point Instructor )

  • Krav Maga (Krav Maga South Africa Level 1  Instructor)


Warren is also a “Martial Arts Coach” who holds a SAQA NQF Level 4 coaching certification that he completed under the auspices of the Martial Arts of South Africa (MASA). 

Warren has represented South Africa at the European Kendo Championships in Helsinki, Finland (2008), in Debrechen, Hungary (2010), and Macedonia (2016). He has also represented South Africa at the World Kendo Championships in Sao Paulo, Brazil (2009), Novara, Italy (2012) and Tokyo, Japan (2015). Warren has earned his South African National Sports Colours in Kendo 6 times for representing South Africa at each of these events.

In 2023, Warren and another 2 of his dojo members will represent South Africa at the 21st European Jodo Championships (EJC) in Magglingen, Switzerland. This will be the first time South Africa has taken part in this event! 

Warren is also the owner and head sensei (instructor) at his dojo, the Ryu Kendo Chi (RKC) Dojo, that consists of 2 training venues: one in Paulshoff (northern suburbs of Johannesburg) and Observatory (eastern suburbs of Johannesburg). The RKC DOJO offers classes in Kendo, Iaido and Jodo, traditional Japanese Martial Arts that are weapons-based. 

In order to supplement his martial arts training with more practical and combative techniques, Warren also focused on weapons training such as knives and firearms, ensuring that he would not only be able to handle each weapon effectively, but to also ensure how one would defend themselves against attacks with such weapons.

Besides the years of hard martial arts and combative training, Warren also studied various forms and techniques for health and healing. This included studies and practise of: Bu Guan Gin, a form of Qigong; Kyusho Healing, utilising pressure points to assist the body in healing; Acupuncture, the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine theory and fine needles to affect the body and its ailments; and Transformational Kinesiology, the usage of muscle testing to diagnose and heal both physical and emotional ailments.

As part of his personal health and fitness journey, Warren had embarked on a fitness and nutrition lifestyle change, that involved a change to a healthier diet, regularly exercising and more positive and productive mind-setting. Through this, he developed the concept of the “Lifestyle of a Warrior”, which takes a student on a journey of “unboxing” their inner “warrior” through lifestyle changes that are sustainable. 

Using his extensive knowledge and experience of the martial arts, combative, health and healing modalities, Warren has condensed his wealth of knowledge into various martial arts, self-defence and lifestyle programs and services that he markets under his brand, “WARRENHO.NET”. 

Warren’s thirst for constant personal development, has led him to explore, engage and ultimately, elevate his whole-being so that he can serve his fellow man to help them unlock their potential to live a fully-engaged life. It is his vision to leave a legacy that will help make the world a safer, healthier and happier place for future generations to come.

Self-Defence with Warren HO
Kendo with Warren HO and the RKC
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