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TCA Heritage Day 2020 Online Celebrations - Interview with WARREN HO

"On the 24th of September 2020, The Chinese Association (TCA) and the TCA Womens Federation held a virtual celebration event online streaming live through Zoom and Facebook. It was truly an event to celebrate being South African and being Chinese. To celebrate Heritage day whilst also celebrating the 14th Anniversary of the TCAWF."

I had the honour to have being interviewed by TCA Chairman, Erwin PON, about my role in producing the South African version of the #UnapologeticallyAsian (#ProudlySouthAfrican) video.

The video was to help raise the awareness against the current anti-Asian sentiment caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The video was made to be fun and inspiring, and attempts to convey a message of Asian & South African pride, unity and inclusion.

It was NOT intended to make any political statements, and/or push any individual’s or corporate's agenda.

The video features the song, “This is me”, a song from the movie, “The Greatest Showman”.

No copyright infringement is intended and all musical rights belong to the relevant artists and record labels.

All the South African Asians featured in the video are as follows (in alphabetical order):

1. Aiden AH LING - Electrical Engineering Manager

2. Barry FANG - Dad of 2 boys; Entrepreneur

3. Bridget AH LING - Retail Interior Designer (@ChungWahDancers)

4. C ZHANG (张陈岑) - Civil Engineer

5. Catherine LOW - Occupational Therapist (@cathclairelow)

6. Ciara AH LING - Student

7. Devin SON- Student (@cykloptic)

8. Edward CHEN - Biomed Graduate; Law student (@eddykwc)

9. Ellen FANG - Mom of 2 boys; Banker

10. Erwin PON - Banker; Chairman of Chinese Association (@chinese_sa)

11. Hulunn CHOO - Environmental activist & Sustainability consultant @the_steppenwolf)

12. Jalisa AH LING - Student

13. Kathy Shu-Kai LIU - Restauranteur (@luxygarden88)

14. Laura HUANG - Flight Attendant (@Kiki_boo44)

15. Mellisa FAN - Artist; TCA Youth representative (@msqilin)

16. Rebecca TSAY - Medical student (@rebeccatsay)

17. Taryn LOCK - Literacy Activist (@taryn.lock)

18. Theresa PON - Web Designer (@tmeidesign)

19. Jade SON - Student (@jadikins08)

20. Jason LEONG - Senior Architectural Technologist (@the_leong_king)

21. Quentin Michael FONG - Exercise Specialist; Body Transformation Coach (@Thecrazychinaman369)

22. Warren HO - Martial Artist; Self-Defence Teacher (

23. Zhiguang FAN - Artist

HD version of the South African version of the #UnapologeticallyAsian (#ProudlySouthAfrican) video:

Interview on National TV station, NewzRoom Africa Interview #UnapologeticallyAsian #ProudlySouthAfrican Video - 8 June 2020

Full video of the TCA 2020 Online Celebrations can be found here:

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