"...Get Killed, or Get Better." - Warrior


Tonight, is the release (in the USA) of the long-awaited project that I have had the privilege of being a part (a very, very, VERY small part) of - Cinemax's Warrior. This US-based period piece, filmed in Cape Town, South Africa, is a 10-part series based on the writings of the legendary Bruce Lee back in the 70's.

Unfortunately, back then the Chinese were discriminated against and unfortunately Bruce Lee never got to see this project come to life with him as the leading man. In fact, legend goes that Lee had pitched this idea to Hollywood who promptly declined it saying it would never do well with an Asian lead. The concept was later taken by Hollywood and made into a TV series called "Kung Fu" that follows the adventures of a Shaolin monk and martial-arts expert in the Old West of America. As a slap in the face to Lee, the character of Cain, the shaolin monk, was played by a very white David Carradine.

However, through the efforts of Lee's daughter, Shannon, as well as...

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The Power of NO!

The past few weeks have been an interesting one - several opportunities came about that, in my youth, I would not have hesitated to say "yes" to. However, I'd like to think that as I'm maturing, wisdom and clarity of my priorities now prevail.

The first was that of a business meeting with a member from a business networking group. The lady represented a big corporate that could have possibly presented me with new opportunities for my self-defence business. However, she had requested meetings 3 times before, all of which she cancelled at the 11th hour. On this 4th request to meet, I promptly told her "no thanks", as my impression of her previous behaviour was not positive at all. My time is valuable and so is everyone else's. So, respect my time, and I'll respect yours!

Secondly, I had the honour of once again being selected to be a member of the South African National Kendo Team and to fight at a forthcoming International competition! The last time I competed internationally was at...

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